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Road Map

The future development of Odyssey in the Road Map

  • Q1

    Jan 2023

    Website (LIVE)

    Telegram Wallet (LIVE).

    Mobile Wallet (LIVE).

    Feb 2023

    Listing on PancakeSwap (LIVE)

    Listing on CEX.

    Listed on CGK/CMC (LIVE)

    Mar 2023

    Release Odyssey DEX.

    Release Staking function.

    Release Odylify.

  • Q2

    April 2023

    Release Odyssey Market.

    Listing on more CEXS.

    May 2023

    Odyssey Blockchain development.

    Jun 2023

    Testnet of Odyssey Blockchain.

  • Q3

    Jul 2023

    Testnet of odyssey Blcokchain

    Aug 2023

    Release odyssey blockchain mainnet.

    Experience with a small community of members.

    Odyssey Swap live.

    Spt 2023

    Launchpad release.

    Partnership with VC.

  • Q4

    Complete odyssey blockchain ecosystem:

    Odyssey NFT marketplace, odyssey tools, odyssey vote platform, odyssey blockchain hiring platform, odyssey online store with eBay.


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